Western Rugs Can Really Improve Your Home’s Decor

western rug room scene

Western Rugs Are An Easy Win for Any Western Style Interior Design Project

western rug room sceneNestled in a mountain glen was nothing more than a simple stone home. Hidden from the busy world, a stranger to the hustle and bustle of cities, this home knew nothing more than that which inhabited it and grew around it. The trees provided it shade, while the forest animals were welcomed as guests to gaze upon its humble standings. Despite all the living creatures that graced the home with their presence, there were only some that could actually call it their home.Oh, the home was loved and adored. Every evening when the inhabitants of the home would return from work, they would place their muddy shoes by the side of the door, as a sign of respect and love to the home in which they lived and to the shoes who were ever so worn and tired. Ah, and the home would be brought to life, as the lovely scented candles and fixtures of lights would be awakened. The home felt grand to be that which held such beautiful sources of light. For as the sun would set after a long day, the home would provide the light for its people, just as the moon would provide light for the world outside. Yet the home’s favorite source of light was the fireplace. It was not only cozy and warm, but a sight to see indeed. The home’s inhabitants had developed a deep brown, wooden mantel to decorate the stone surrounding the fire. And so, above the fireplace sat pictures of smiles pronouncing love and joy, a handcrafted clock to tell the time, and little figurines that cost no more than a dime. Not only this but below the fireplace always sat a warm fuzzy creature, curled up in such a way that its tail would touch the tip of its black, button nose. Thus, it was clear to see why the home loved the fireplace.

Western Style Is Growing In Popularity

Though the home was made of stone, its inhabitants would walk around with their bare feet upon the ground. For spread upon the floor of the home, beautiful rugs from lands far and near were placed with care. These soft works of art brought color, comfort, and stories to share. The home felt loved with these elegant cloths warming its cold floors, and its inhabitants loved the look of the woven wonders. The one thing that really caught my eye was the western area rug from Southwestern Rugs Depot they had lain across the floor in the living room.

Then, settled within the house were tables and chairs, beds, bookshelves, and a set spiral stairs. Yes, the house loved to look upon them all! The tables were both big and small! Some held little plants that grew green and upright, as well as puzzles with missing pieces that the inhabitants had yet to find. Other tables held delicate china with flowers and dainty designs, and jars with cookies waiting to be tasted. Regardless of what they held, the tables were most often always accompanied by chairs, some cushioned, some firm. The people would sit upon them and commence in conversations without a seeming end. From chair to table the inhabitants would visit, and occasionally to a tall wooden bookcase, they would take a trip. With a bound book in hand, they would then make their way up the spiral staircase, where they would flop upon a pillow-laden bed and flip through pages again and again.

Nestled in the woods, the home knew it would be nothing more than a pile of stones without the love the inhabitants provide. Without its lovely light and beautiful fireplace, it would be cold and dark. Without its rugs and tables and chairs, the home would be gloomy and stark. Thus, oh, all of the trinkets and books, the home loved to see. All of the furniture and chairs, the home would look upon with glee. Its inhabitants brought in these many wonders, and never had the home felt so beautiful and decorated with so much care and meaning behind every little thing.

And so, every day, I find myself sitting and daydreaming of this home that will one day be mine. A home which I will inhabit, a home I may bring to life. For its decor does not have to be that of great expense, but that of great meaning. From the pictures on the mantel to the pillows on the bed, I dream of a home that I may love by filling it with decor of my own. For putting forth love, makes a perfect home out of a pile of stone.