What Is Retargeting And How Do You Do It Right? 


People now commonly use data to retarget internet users with more relevant ads. Retargeting helps make online advertising more efficient, intelligent, and this helps advertisers enjoy better returns. But what is retargeting? It is a kind of marketing technique in which you target users who earlier visited your website with banner ads and videos across the internet.

If you now plan to launch your retargeting campaign, and want it to be successful, then do keep the following tips in mind.


1. Never stalk your visitors

Even you may have experienced this – brands stalking you around the internet after you leave their website without converting. This is not at all enticing, but actually irritating.

When you retarget a visitor of your site, you should decide a maximum period depending on the buying cycle for the service or product being advertised. If you keep on retargeting for more than seven days or so, it will waste your money and also create a negative brand image.


2. Retargeting twice is not good

There are many companies that offer retargeting solutions. Chances are you might want to use more than just one in order to improve sale. This is just not a good idea. If you use more than one retargeting merchant they will try to compete against each other to offer ads to your site visitors, and this will only increase the cost of the impressions.


3. You should not retarget everyone

Every site visitor is not equal. For instance, a visitor to the career page of a retailer is not as valuable as is a visitor to the DVD page of the retailer. This practice of creating a proper picture of a site visitor by using data points is called PSR (programmatic site retargeting). Other data points factored into PSR are shipping address, pages viewed, referral data and so on. Using this data, marketers assign users with a “visitor score”. The score tells how much you should bid to provide an impression.


4. Other types of retargeting

Site retargeting, in which targeted ads are served to users who have visited your site already, is the most famous type of retargeting, but there are other types of retargeting as well – search, engagement, SEO services, email, social and contextual. Search retargeting is the most exciting type amongst these, wherein users are targeted with display ads depending on the keywords they enter into the search engines. The retargeting world has so much to offer, so make sure you explore as much as you can.


These tips will certainly get you started in the retargeting world, so wait no more, explore, apply, and enjoy profits.